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With more than a decade of success in offering business set-up and related services in Dubai and across the UAE, FBC Corporate Services is one of the reliable key players in business consultancy in the region. Since its establishment in 2013, FBC has built an outstanding recognition as a brand in the UAE business sector.
FBC has supported many business aspirants realize their dream to start a business enterprise, and helped organizations to be significantly efficacious and financially profitable.

CEO Message

A leading player in the UAE market

CEO & Managing Director of Fast Group of Companies ranks among the top business personalities in UAE today. The Group, under his leadership, has expanded its wings of operations, into diverse business areas across the latitudes and longitudes of the globe, business services being its prime concern.

Started off as an employee in the UAE in 1993, his grit and ambition turned him into a businessperson in 2005. With his shrewd vision, he has supported many small and major businesses to set up their roots in the UAE and around the world.

A successful businessperson, he has established himself as a brand in the hearts of UAE citizens. He has supported major businesses like Bhima Jewelers, Cosmo Sports, Address Fashion, Apollo Builders, 4 Reels Cinemas, and Oxygen Health Care’s, through its formation, and developing businesses like Al-Hind Jewelry and Al Madina Supermarkets to set up in UAE.


Fast Group, a leading player in the UAE market with more than 15 years of successful record of accomplishment, formed under his visionary to provide assistance to businesses start off. Backed by a strong workforce from different nations, the Group is ascending its growth curve over its period of operation.

Over the three decades of his life in the UAE, he has traveled around the world and not only has he helped many people realize their dream of starting a business. 

Besides these, Gafoor Shah is a philanthropist, who has reserved 20% of his shares towards charity needs. For more than a decade, he has been supporting various orphanages and sponsoring education for students in need of financial support.

Apart from his busy involvement in business, Gafoor Shah is a master of many fields. He is an ardent music lover, an excellent music composer, and singer himself. Considering his impeccable achievements in business, he won various awards and recognitions.

Gafoor Shas

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Our Strength
A UAE National, who has a clear and compiling vision of the future of Dubai, runs and manages FBC Services. Complete and extended local support from a country like UAE is an opportunity for anyone who dreams about starting his or her business in this beautiful land.
We have an enthusiastic team that innovates new means to fulfill the client’s needs without compromising our core values. Accordingly, we provide you to choose the appropriate type of company and its structure of ownership in the UAE and abroad. Our professionals offer bespoke solutions, fast, detailed reply-based customer requirements, ongoing support for existing clients, and the best solutions with optimal cost to meet the objectives set by clients for their business.
Our operational support team also ensures good communication with the client. They constantly follow up tracking the progress of processes and documents. WE ASSOCIATE WITH VARIOUS AGENCIES OF THE GOVT. OF UAE
  • Dubai Health Authority.
  • Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MOHRE).
  • Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IMOFA).
  • Ministry of Labour (MOL).
  • Dubai Court.
  • RTA (Roads and Transport Authority)
  • Dubai Chamber & Dubai Customs.
  • Ministry of Tourism.
  • Free Trade Zone Authorities.
  • Airport Authority.
  • Dubai Municipality.
  • Trade Mark Registration.
  • Land Department.

Hassle Free Business Services

We associate with various agencies of the Govt. of UAE
Why Choose FBC? Our vision Our Mission
  • Serving UAE for more than a decade.
  • Operations managed by UAE National.
  • 100 % financial benefit.
  • No risk of interruption.
  • Legally protected.
  • No undue business interference.
  • Hassle-free paperwork.
Our vision is to contribute towards making the United Arab Emirates as the best Business Hub in the world.
We are zealous to set up Businesses with quality service that falls in line with our client expectations whilst remaining economically competitive, and create results with a huge client portfolio.
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